I have done some tinkering and thinking about integration testing and functional testing that i would like to share with you all. This is a way of me ot let you in on my journey on experimenting with testing: we all know unit test, and have worked with various frameworks, but we tend to not have that many frameworks (if any) for doing integration testing, so we end up with doing integration testing (and functional testing) with unit testing frameworks, which is, on the one side, a quite funny meme, but on the other side, quite sad. Why? Because we use a unit testing vocabulary to write an integration/functional test. It is doable, but it quite often leads to a) the framework can’t quite express the things we want, which makes “the thing” we are trying to describe, subtle, and indirect and we end up, when trying to understand the test, needing to read between the lines. It is not the best situation, but it is more than often, better than nothing.